Monday, February 02, 2009

My side Of the Mountain (chapter 12-19

Chapter 12 "I find a Real Live Man"
Sam enjoyed taking baths in the spring he used the bark of a slippery elm for soap. Jessie C. James would help sam dig up mussel. Frightful was a expert in hunting so sam and him could eat rabbit stew, pheasant potpie, and sparrow. Sam also made sassafras tea, and pennyroyal. One day Sam was going to his tree and saw a man sitting stretched in front of it. The strange mans name was Bando and Sam made Bando dinner. For dinner he made Brown puffballs in deer fat with a little garlic, and raspberries. Bando called Sam Thoreau. Bando stayed with Sam for about ten days. Bando made jars and lids out of clay so Sam could put jam in them. Sam and Bando made willow whistles out of twigs. Bando left Sam and told him that he would see him on Christmas.

Chapter 13 "The Autumn Provides Food And Loneliness"
In September Sam pushed his raft down the stream and gathered arrowleaf, cattails tubers, bulrush roots, and the nut-like tubers of the sedges. Sam saw the Baron Weasel looking moldy and he thought it was because he might be changing his summer fur for his white winter mantle. All the animals were preparing for winter. Sam dug up clay and thought about making a chimney and fireplace. Frightful got sick because the fireplace was taking up all of his air. Sam fixed it by cutting out several more knotholes to let the air in and out.

Chapter 14 "We All Learn About Halloween"
 Sam was in competition with the squirrels, raccoons, and a skunk when they were gathering nuts. sam cut apples in pieces and let them dry on the boulder in order to store them for the winter. for there halloween party he served cracked nuts, smoked rabbit, apples, and crayfish. Sam discovered wild rice in an ox bow. That night animals had got into Sams house and made a huge mess. A bat was the last to leave. 

Chapter 15 "I Found Out What to Do with Hunters"
 In November the hunting season had begun. Sam and frightful needed exercise so the decided to go to the library. Sam heard shot and didnt think it was a good idea to go. But then the man gave up on hunting after thirty minutes of nothing. Sam did not smoke the last two deer because the venison could smoke. Sam had trouble tanning the deer hides because the water kept freezing all night.

Chapter 16 "Trouble Begins"
Frightful's plumage had changed during the autumn and she was breathtaking. Sam cut his hair with a penknife. A boy about Sam's age called him Daniel Boone. He could tell that Sam was from New York because of his accent. Sam said he was doing research in the Gribley farm. Sam called the boy Mr. Jacket. Sam forgot to stack up a big wood pile when he was getting ready for winter.

Chapter 17 "I pile Up Wood and  Go on with Winter"
Sam decided that if he used up one pile he could tunnel through the snow to the next and the next. When Sam said now I am back where i began and I wont tell it agian I think the author meant he already went through not knowing how bad the storm would be and if it happens again he wont be afraid. Sam standby breakfast he had the jam Bando made. Sam found teaberry leaves, and tergreen under the snow. Sam used birch branch as paper.

Chapter 18 "I Learn About Birds and  People"
Sam's deerskin rabbit-lined suit kept him warm. Mr. Bracket was someone who lived on the first floor f Sam's apartment. Mrs. O'Brien, Mrs. Callaway, and Mrs. Federio were all ladies who went to the market together. Sam called those three chickadees these names because they all followed each other and they were all noisy. Bando came on Christmas eve. Sam going to Bando moccasins for Christmas. Bando was telling Sam that he never though he would have made it. Bando and Sam played holy night and twelve days of christmas on the willow whistles. Bando got tired of playing. Sam cooked pancakes for breakfast. Sam's dad came to visit. Sam and his friend and family ate onion soup and venison steak. The soup was cooked to perfection. sams dad stayed the longest. So no one would see him leaving.

Chapter 19 "I Have a Good Luck at Winter and Find Spring in the Snow"
Sam said to be relaxed was an unforgettable experience. Sam made snow shoes to make it easier to travel. sam had gotten lost in a blizzard once. Sam caught a white footed deer mouse trying to get in his tree. A horned owl made the farm beautiful. Sam kept the door opened so he wouldnt be iced in. The trees were blow up because the ice was to much to bear. Sam ate liver and  that cured his nosebleeds and aching body. Sam served tree limbs. The deer did not come because spring was coming. Sam found hatched eggs. he thought of the pokeweeds.



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